Pink holidays: Flamingo Island

In the Caribbean, everyone will find its own paradise. It is such a wonderful place that it doesn’t surprise anyone that people decided to live there. But have you heard about flamingos choosing Caribbeans ? Well, they can be found on a small island known as the Island of Rebirth, which lies just off heavily touristic overseas territory of the Netherlands, Aruba.

So, imagine those beautiful landscapes, the bluest shades of sky, turquoise water, golden sand and bright pink colour of flamingos. Does it go well? For me yes! It looks stunning. Majestic birds are wading through the water and there is absolutely no one who does not want to photograph them.

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A flock of pink flamingos can be found on the Island of Rebirth – a small, only 40-hectare patch of land that lies off the coast of Aruba. Unfortunately, the flamingos did not come here voluntarily, and even if that were the case, they would not have been able to leave the Island of Rebirth when they wanted to, because their wings were cut off. So, they are forced to live in this paradise and to entertain the tourists.

Due to the safety reasons and to not disturb the calm of flamingos, only adults can enter the beach where they live and can be admired. You need to be careful around anyway and not get in the way too much. The beach itself is located on the south-west of the island and offers not only spectacular views, but also peace and silence. The only sound that can be heard is the sound of waving trees. The flamingo beach is available to everyone. Those who, however, do not stay at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino, must purchase an admission ticket.

An interesting fact: Do you know why do flamingos stand on one leg? Apparently, they do it to maintain body heat longer, according to research carried out by American scientists.

If you happen to be there, you probably end up in Aruba as well. What should you know about that picturesque island? Aruba has two main long beaches – Palm Beach where enormous (a bit overwhelming) hotels are located and Eagle Beach with smaller hotel area – this beach is more intimate. It is worth checking out the north of Aruba: there are tiny, but exceptionally beautiful Malmok and Catalina beaches with palm trees and lots of colourful pelicans.

The island is very small so it is worth to rent a car and tour the whole – enough for two – three days. Transport on the island is well developed – Arubus – $ 4 and bus $ 3. There are lots of stops in each line, but mostly the buses run on the western part of the island.

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