Wild and green. The forgotten Croatian island of Lastovo


Have you heard about this island? If not yet, I invite you to an unforgettable trip to this place. Who knows, maybe you will want to plan a holiday there this year?

Lastovo is a “green island” on the southern edge of the Croatian coast. It is a mysterious and mostly wild island, where forests occupy 70% of its surface. Lastovo is a part of the Lastovo archipelago, consisting of more than 40 islands (the largest are Sušac, Prežba, Mrčara) and small islands (“Lastovci” or “Lastový”). Thanks to its wild nature, in 2006 it was announced a natural sanctuary Park “Prirode šlovsko otočiež”. The island is very proud of this award, because it is a distinction awarded for spectacular views, unique nature and exceptional climatic values.

If you are a fan of peace and quiet, the holiday on Lastovo will surely be a good idea, that is a place made for you delight. The holidays spent on Lastovo island will certainly be different – be prepared for swimming in secluded, often rocky bays and untouched by any technology beaches. On this island, there are still many places where mass tourism has not reached yet. The visitors in Lastovo stay in typical old stone houses, where you feel as if you are going back in time, experience local customs and feel the relaxed atmosphere of life on the island. Lastovo is a place for those who seek peace, privacy and relaxation in nature in Croatia. Especially the beauty of untouched nature, aromatic scents, clean air and crystal clear water will delight everyone. For me the most amazing moments in Lastovo were the evenings and sunsets on the wild rock beach – pure magic.

There are several small towns on the island, that will look incredibly well through your camera. If you are looking for a picturesque scenery, you got to the right place. In search of a nice place to rest, it is definitely worth going the capital of the island, Lastovo. The town in the heart of the island delights with its beautiful, picturesque stone cottages on the hillside. The town was founded by the Venetians at the beginning of the eleventh century, although the remains of the building were found on the island even from the first century AD. Locals are very eager to talk about their history, so chat to them in one of the cafes near a cup of great coffee. The city itself is not large, so you can comfortably cross the steep and winding streets, exploring the corners of the old alleys. There is no need for hurry.

Even though nowadays more tourists come, it is still a virgin, undiscovered paradise. Peace lovers who do not like the hustle and bustle of the great resorts, will easily find cosy guesthouses and private accommodations. Do not forget to try local cuisine and homemade food. All in a welcoming family atmosphere away from the bustle of the pedestrian streets, crowds of tourists and nightclubs.

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