Italy – the most beautiful secret beaches

From Salento to Sardinia, passing through Tuscany and Sicily, here are the least popular paradisiacal beaches in Italy, the most beautiful secret coastlines where you’ll be able to enjoy the sea away from the crowds.



With a low bottom and crystal clear water, Punta Crena is one of the most fascinating beaches on the Riviera of Ponente. A secluded cove, surrounded by steep cliffs, and excavated by the constant erosion of the sea, this is a hidden and unfrequented treasure chest, even on the peak days of the seaside season.

HOW TO REACH PUNTA CRENA: from the crowded Varigotti jetty, you can get to Punta Crena swimming, better with the help of a mattress, a canoe or a pedal. The most adventurous can walk along a path that goes down the hill. A stretch of the path is quite dangerous, and it is recommended to descend with the help of a rope.


A long and untouched road, more than a km long, across an immaculate and wild Elbe. The beach of Remaiolo, in the town of Capoliveri, is a heavenly corner of sand and gravel. A rock separates it from a smaller and still wilder and isolated cove. Let the smell of tamarisk awaken your senses, but don’t be scared: despite the wildly vocation of this beach, you will find a bar and a restaurant to quench your thirst and sudden hunger.

HOW TO REACH THE BEACH OF REMAIOLO: From Capoliveri follow the signs for Punta Calamita. After passing the Costa dei Gabbiani Village, take the road leading to the beach, by bike or on foot.


Indigo-colored water, fantasy-shaped rocks that widen the imagination, imitating strange figures and stone legends. In the area of Baunei, in the province of Ogliastra, Cala Goloritze is sheltered from the indiscreet looks and complains of the less lazy bathers.

The striking path of about an hour’s journey passes through an old mule track that was once used by carbon boats, beaten by the sun at its peak.

HOW TO GET TO GOLORITZES: The easiest way to reach Cala Goloritze is by sea from Cala Gonone, or Santa Maria Navarrese beach, or land via the path from Golgo.


In the northern part of the Costa Viola, a small road lurks between the Mediterranean scrub, above the blueest sea of Calabria. The seabeds of the Marinella Beach of Palmi are the most loved for diving and snorkeling. Despite being easy to reach it is also unattended. After a day of the sea, stop at the nearby Amphitheater, animated by a rich calendar of events and concerts

HOW TO REACH MARINELLA DI PALMI: reach Palmi, and from there, heading south-west ask directions for Marinella; everyone knows it and will help you!

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