What to Consider When Booking a Business Hotel

Is your business looking to set-up a business conference in a hotel or seeking the perfect space for a staff training event? Perhaps you are just meeting with a client and looking for a comfortable place to unwind and rest your head when the day is over?


Regardless what your whole purpose is for using a business hotel, we have constructed a list of the things you should consider before putting down your deposit.

Is all the basic facilities free and straightforward?

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If you haven’t already, go to the website of the hotel which you’ve been considering for your business trip or event, check to see if there is a facilities page. From here you should be writing down a checklist of all the basic things that you need and some luxuries which you are looking for. Today, modern business hotels will often support most facilities which you’ll except such as wifi, although we have heard horror stories of paid wifi, which causes major disruptions to your stay. Always make sure that the services you need are supplied and you’ll have no problems.

Is the conference and meeting rooms large enough?

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There is nothing worse than paying for one thing, and getting another in return. Never assume that you the hotels business meeting and conference rooms are going to be big enough for your use, to avoid getting disappointed and feeling embarrassed in front of clients or partners. Always enquire to the small detail about the room you are going to be conducting your business in. Do you need 7 plug sockets for people using their laptop chargers? Is there a TV in the room? How many tables and chairs are available? These are all questions who should be directing towards the customer service team at the hotel before hiring the space.

Links to transport

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Although you might have found a hotel which is offering the world, free gym access, TVs, bars etc, make sure that you account for more important issues such as how far away from the nearby train station and airport you are. Usually when travelling businessmen and women are searching for hotels, they just assume that the luxury ones are nearby to the train station and links to the airport, although this isn’t always the case, in some cases they can be in awkward parts of town which will prove difficult, especially if you are abroad.

If the hotel is abroad, make sure they accommodate to your language

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Are you connecting with current or potential international clients who are located in another country? Apart from researching if they hold all the facilities you’ll be needing for your stay, never forget the obvious things which will help your trip run smoothly such as if the staff of the hotel can speak English. Hiring staff who speak multi-languages is something which is accommodated for in hotels such as Fraser Suites Harmonie business hotels la defense, as they have international business workers using their suites regularly.


Anything else that you should consider before booking a business hotel? Let us know below in the comments!

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